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A Study on Memory, Loss, and Human Resilience

(Un)twined was conceived, designed/programmed, and presented by John Baylies and myself as the final project for our 7010 course in the PIMA program at Brooklyn College in December 2018. Built from scratch and run from Max/MSP through a Touch OSC interface on my phone, this project explored the losses we had each experienced in our recent adult lives, touching on memory of loved ones, of home, and of what it means to be a family. Read more

I heard an echo

An Installation with the Weeksville Heritage Center

This was a community event involving an outdoor party with music and food and an installation inside one of the Historic Hunter Fly Road houses at the Weeksville Heritage Center. The project was meant to help celebrate the history of the house, and to bring “the past into the present.” Read more

The House

A Collaborative 20-min, One-Shot Film

During a week-long workshop with renowned french filmic theatre director Cyril Teste and his team, the gathered collective created a single-shot 20-minute film inspired by the architecture and presence of an historic home at The Weeksville Heritage Center. Read more


Immersive Theatre as a live 3D Video Game

I created lookingGlass, an experiment in digital theatre through live 3D gaming originally as my MFA thesis when in-person performance became unsafe in March. It has since been performed for OyeDrum Magazine, as part of the ReclaimFutures conference in September, and in October for EdgeCut. Read more

The Dark Around Us, Come

A video piece for the Fairfield County Chorale December event _FCC Presents, Gifts_.

In honor of this Season of Lights, join the 100-member Fairfield County Chorale for a unique online streaming event — FCC Presents, Gifts — offering an artistic and meaningful exploration of choral music in a digital setting with a truly global reach. Read more

The Heights Murders

An Digital Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Murder Mystery

. For this Interactive Theatrical Experience put on by The Heights Players of NYC, I created a WebGL 2.0 Unity game and corresponding server to support their filmic take on the classic choose-your-own-adventure-style narrative.
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Vivaldi's "Gloria:" Et in terra, pax

A Music Video for Digital Oratorio.

For this virtual version of Vivaldi’s Gloria performed by the Fairfield County Chorale, I worked with Chanan Ben Simone and Inkyoung Bae to create a cohesive music video for the movement beginning “Et in terra, pax.”
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Invited Lecture on Max MSP

I was invited to give a 2-hr interactive demonstration of how the program MaxMSP works and how to use it, giving performance examples from my own practice. Read more

Political Performance and the WTO protests

Taken from a syllabus I created for a class called “The Dialectics of Dissent – Theatrical Performance as Political Action,” this sample class from the course, which I taught to my fellow PIMA students, covered artwork and performative statements created during and around the WTO protests in Seattle (1999). Read more



Monarch Graphic Design

Commissioned to create a sandwich board, print menu, fliers, and to update their business cards, I had the chance to create an elegant face for this thoughtfully designed Williamsburg restaurant.

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Photo Negative

This piece based on the same model as Woman Obscured serves as a kind of photo negative to the traditional charcoal portrait style of its partner.

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I met her in passing and passed by for months. It was a January when we first talked, or first listened at least. Us two hiding together in the bathroom because we’d only paid for 4 in the hotel; there’s a picture marking our first day of friendship. Read more

‘On Progress’ With Professor Stewart Orwell Teric III

A podium with a decorative potted plant, a white board behind. Enter Professor Stewart-Orwell Teric III (it’s me in Young Vaping Academic drag, holding enormous book “Sociology of Philosophy”). Bowtie, snazzy jacket, etc.) Sorry, sorry class – just have to finish this text to Judy – and send – oh, to Judith Butler I mean… Read more

Monologue from ‘Miseducated’

A bell rings. A teacher in a skirt, large Southern floral prints, and clunky, uncomfortable heels clink clacks in. [turn] Students fill in to their desk seats which are arranged all in rows facing the front of the room. Read more

The House: Voiceover Tryptich

I am silent as I pull into the drive, the house coming into view from behind the trees as I turn the corner. The final corner after a long, long drive. I am silent, also, as I make my way up the little path to the old familiar door, and when I put the key into the lock, I see that my hand is shaking. I pause, I lean my head into the comfort of the solid, stable door. Then, turning the key, I let the old hinges swing the door open. Read more