The Dark Around Us, Come


The dark around us, come,
Let us meet here together,
Members one of another,
Here in our holy room,
Here on our little floor,
Here in the daylit sky,
Rejoicing mind and eye,
Rejoining known and knower,
Light, leaf, foot, hand, and wing,
Such order as we know,
One household, high and low,
And all the earth shall sing.

S For this diverse online showing of chorale pieces, I created a piece of video art as accompaniment to “The Dark Around Us, Come,” composed by Thomas Cabaniss.

Based on segments of poetry from Wendell Berry, the song speaks to me of home, of joy, and of the act of witnessing our cherished places. The work I created juxtaposes close cuts of bright flowers from my front garden in Brooklyn, NY, with long shots of my front stoop. An understated video piece, I hope that the video supports the themes of the music and allows it space to shine while offering my specific interpretation of what it means to worship at a sacred space.

Original invitation from FFC: In honor of this Season of Lights, join the 100-member Fairfield County Chorale for a unique online streaming event — FCC Presents, Gifts — offering an artistic and meaningful exploration of choral music in a digital setting with a truly global reach.

In an era dominated by zoom calls and social distancing, the Fairfield County Chorale offers a unique and innovative digital choral production that explores the boundaries of what online performances can be. FCC Presents, Gifts weaves together technology, animation, Mendelssohn, cutting edge video design, Bach, dance, visual art mediums, and Mozart into one highly curated online holiday performance. FCC Presents, Gifts showcases the successful integration of creativity, community, and collaboration in fulfilling the deepest promise of online performance.

  • Video Directing
  • DSLR
  • Adobe Premiere Pro