I heard an echo


This was a community event involving an outdoor party with music and food and an installation inside one of the Historic Hunter Fly Road houses at the Weeksville Heritage Center. The project was meant to help celebrate the history of the house, and to bring “the past into the present.”

We all filmed the actors in the space, then I edited the media so that different takes layered over each other, and then I ran this product through a Max MSP patch that delayed the video so that it created visual trails as the actors moved in the projections.

As part of the main conceit of the interactive installation, we asked both actors to wear the same dress as the basis of their costume, with each person decorating the ensemble as they wanted. Then we hung the dress in a closet upstairs as a final experience for visitors. For this, I co-designed an Arduino necklace that hung with the dress and that blinked faster as a visitor approached to give the sense of a welcoming presence.

Flyer here

  • MaxMSP
  • Kinect
  • Arduino
  • Directing
  • InDesign
  • PR Writing and promotion