Emily Twines


Emily Twines is an interdisciplinary performance and technology artist with experience directing, writing, programming, performing, and designing interactive theatrical experiences.

She earned her MFA in Performance and Interactive Media Arts and MA in Theatre History and Criticism at Brooklyn College. Current works include the live video game and community engagement project lookingGlass, and the durational performance installation Self Portrait.

Other notable pieces include writing for The House, a short film by renowned director Cyril Teste and team, as well as work on I heard an echo, a collaborative installation at The Weeksville Heritage Center, for which she provided video and interactivity elements. She has published articles and reviews for software company Cycling ’74 and theatre group All About Solo respectively.

Other recent works include video work for the Fairfield County Chorale, writing and performance for Miseducated at The Tank, and a solo variety act called “On Progress” With Professor Steward Orwell Teric III at Bizarre Bushwick.

Her MA thesis project, with its accompanying paper entitled Maintaining Subversion: A Contemporary “Endgame” Informed by the Mise en Scène Style of Ivo Van Hove, included the staging of a re-politicized adaptation of scenes inspired by Samuel Beckett’s 1957 play, which she conceptualized and directed, and for which she created audio and video design.

Mission Statement

My artistic practice is founded on the belief that large-scale change can be brought about by what begins as small-scale communication within individual communities. Sharing openly, seeing each other, hearing what we collectively need – and then making tangible moves towards achieving these conditions – this is what legitimate political power looks like to me.

To this end, I aspire to create work that helps communities both A) to re-enforce the fact that a better world is attainable and B) to articulate in each situation what the material conditions are that would need to change for this “better” to be achieved.

I work in a variety of mediums, styles, formats, and am interested in creative solutions that fit form to content rather than the other way around. As this exploration and innovation is central to my practice, so is collaboration. My goals are to listen more than I talk, to experiment, and to find ways forward together.

If you would like to participate in any ongoing projects (or to suggest any others), please do not hesitate to message at emilytwines@gmail.com.